Accommodation 14 nights:

We organise our tour separately from accommodation, rather than as a package, so that you have the option of booking with us or organising your own. When you book accommodation with us alongside a tour you know that you will be getting hotels tailored perfectly to fit the locations and needs of the tour. Our standard accommodation option includes mid-range hotels/villas that are comfortable and stylish...typically the rooms compare very favourably to travel hotels in Europe and America. Rooms will be air conditioned except when staying in areas with lower temperatures (e.g. at higher altitudes). It is important to us that every aspect of your trip is enjoyable so even in remote locations, where accommodation can be variable, we'll search out the best places to stay.

£300pp sharing or £500 single

N.B. We sell accommodation as a separate product from our tour so if you wanted to book accommodation only for a partner who's not coming on the tour...or even if you just want accommodation in Bali without a tour, no problem. If you're coming alone but are happy to share, we will pair up people on the tour to let you get the cheaper price.